Wrap Party

What is a Wrap Party?

A Wrap Party is when you open up your home to friends and let them experience the It Works Wrap.   This is a very relaxed, fun atmosphere that will let you bond with friends and let you make new friends.

Wrap Party

To start the Wrap Party welcome all your guest in, have them pay for their It Works Wrap $25 (some charge $30), then send them back to the wrapping room right away.  You’ll want them to be wrapped at the beginning of the party so they can wear it for the full 45 minutes.  The most popular area to wrap is belly, but many love to wrap their arms and neck. The It Works Wrap can be cut to target any specific area.

The first thing you want to do is measure in 3 different spots at the site the person wants wrapped.

Wrap Party

wrap party

Once everyone is wrapped, you can start your party.  Simply use the brochure the company provides to guide you through talking about the most popular products.  You don’t have to be an expert on the products, just let people try them and tell them how they have worked for you.

Wrap Party


Can I make money with my own Wrap Party?

Yes you can. Buy the It Works Wraps as a distributor at wholesale then retail the it works products at your party.   If you are the host of the party, then you can get your It Works Wrap for free.   Your party will usually have between 6-10 people and you can earn $25/$30 (wrap cost) X 10. That gives you $250/$300 cash in your pocket.

Wrap Party

Out of the 10 that come to your party you could possibly get 4 new loyal customers who will order each month from you.   And the chances are highly possible that 1 of your guest will want to become a distributor, so they can do their own wrap party business.   This will be the start of your new business. Now imagine if you hosted 4 wrap party events every month?   Can you see the possibilities?

Tell me More about the Wrap Party.

The home party will last no more than an hour.  You will spend the first 30 minutes wrapping the guest and talking about the products.   The last 30 minutes of your home party will be spent with a demonstration of the It Works Wrap, tasting the greens, and sampling our new protein shake called ProFit.

Wrap Party

Once the hour is complete, you get to take off the It Works Wraps and measure your guests.  Most guests will see immediate results. All of them will be toned, tightened and looking great.

Wrap Party

To Start Your Own Wrap Party Today

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7 thoughts on “Wrap Party

  1. Deann Campbell

    I would like to know how I can attend a wrap party or how to purchase everything I need in order to start wrapping my body.

  2. Delores Benedict

    I just want to buy the wrap. I am not able to attend a party or give a party at this time. Therefore, is this sold to the public without having to go to the party? If so , please let me know. Thank you, Delores Benedict

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