Ultimate Body Applicator (Body Wrap)

Discover How You Can Tighten, Tone and  Firm Your Body,  And See Results In 45 Minutes

Chances are you landed on this website looking for information about the Ultimate Body Applicator from It Works. You may be looking to try the applicator and want to see if all the reviews are true.

We are glad your doing due diligence on the Ultimate Body Applicator. Please browse our website, just out the before and after pictures, look at the review and contact us, we are available to answer all of your question.

What is the Ultimate Body Applicator?

In 2001 Mark Penticost was introduced to a new product from his good friend Pam Sowder. The product that Pam introduced to Mark, was the Ultimate Body Applicator that will tighten, tone, and firm troubled areas in  45 minutes. Mark knew right away this product would be hot, and he was right. 14+ years later the company is selling over $800 million of the Ultimate Body Applicator.

ultimate body applicator

it works wraps

Ultimate body applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap infused with botanically-based formulas. The wrap is designed to be placed on the abs, legs, chin, and arms to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming in 45 minutes. Ultimate body applicator will minimize cellulite appearance, improve skin texture and tightness. All this will work in 45 minutes and continue to work for 72 more hours.

Will the Ultimate Body Applicator Work For Me?

The only way to know is to Try it!! 9 out of 10 people see results with their 1st wrap, the others just need to continue to wrap and do a Full Treatment, which is a Full Box of 4 wraps. We know there is nothing in the world like this amazing, all natural product that produces better results than invasive procedures.

ultimate body applicator

Focus on the area you want to target and continue to use the Wrap until you achieve the results you want. You can only use 2 wraps per treatment, ie 1 wrap on each leg or cut a wrap and use 1/2 on each arm and belly. You need to make sure you are drinking water. This product is not a water lose product, we want you to drink water and more than normal amounts.

ultimate body applicator


How Do I Get The Ultimate Body Applicator?

This is a great question because you will not find the Ultimate body applicators in stores. Your only option is to get a box that comes with 4 applicators from an independent distributor. It Works believes that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. Just like you refer others to a great movie, independent distributors are the only ones available to purchase the ultimate body applicator from.

ultimate body applicator

it works wraps

It Works has set up a very simple website that will let you order a box that contains 4 Ultimate body applicators. You have a choice of purchasing a 1x order at retail cost for $99, or you can get the applicator as a loyal customer for only $59.
I recommend the loyal customer program because not only are you saving $40 per box you are earning Perk Points every time you order. These Perk Points are used as money to purchase free products or use the points to discount a product you want to buy. We also give other incentives to Loyals such as our Referral program which gives the new customer a opportunity to share with Friends/Family their Loyal Cusotmer link for Free Wraps.
To become a Loyal Customer, Add your products to your Cart, then Checkout. At checkout, click Enroll in Autoship. Enter all of your information and at the final review you will see your order change to the wholesale price.

ultimate body applicator

it works wraps

14 thoughts on “Ultimate Body Applicator (Body Wrap)

  1. Tee

    I have performed my 3rd wrap already and I am drinking half the size of my body weight in oz of water in between wrap days and I can lose the inches but it seems like when I drink the water I get bloated and the inches lost comes back(kinda defeats the purpose of drinking plenty water). My question about the water drinking part is do I wait until My wrap day to drink the full recommended amount of water? Meaning do I wrap my belly first then drink my full recommended amount of water while the wrap is on or is it ok to just drink throughout the day your full contents of water before you wrap. Im not sure if Im doing it right based on the info I was told. I was also told to clean my skin with which hazel before applying wrap and thats on top of me showering. Please help

    1. Tyler Pratt Post author

      Its always good to eat right when you wrap. Water is what you need to make sure you get plenty of.

  2. jessica

    ive done two wraps already and i dont see a difference! do you have any tips that could help me out? i feel like im doing it right but i just dont know

    1. Megan

      Make sure your body is clean of all other products (lotions, perfumes, etc). Take a hot shower right before you put it on, that will open the pores and allow for more of the lotion to be absorbed. You can leave the wrap on for up to 8 hours. I would recommend leaving it on for as long as you can up to that 8 hours. 45 minutes really doesn’t do as much as a few hours. Also be sure to drink lots of water! It is a detox so you want to make sure you are constantly drinking water while wearing the wrap and drink a significant amount over the next 72 hours.

  3. Liv

    where and how can I get this body applicator? i prefer the discounted price please. i want to try this. i’ve given birth for almost 2 years now and i haven’t lost this mommy pouch yet. no luck with strenous sits/curls up and dieting. i need help!

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