It Works Facts

What Are The Real ItWorks Global Facts?

It Works Global is the first company in history to bring to the market a body contouring treatment or also called the It Works Wrap.

It all started when Mark Pentecost, the Founder of It Works Global received a call from Pam Sowder (now It Works! Director of Marketing) raving about a product that could deliver tightening, toning, and firming results in 45 minutes—an alternative to the growing trend for more drastic measures like cosmetic surgeries or constricting shapewear.

When the Pentecosts traveled to try this seemingly unbelievable product, Mark recalls, “I watched my wife try it, she was ecstatic with the results. Then I watched her call her girlfriend right away to tell her what had happened.”

Her girlfriend said that she wanted to try it, and they hung up. It wasn’t 30 seconds later her girlfriend called back and said, “My daughter was listening, and she wants one for her chin. Is there something for the chin?” That was when Mark knew he found a perfect product for direct selling, a product that people would be excited to share with their friends and family AND a product that WORKED.

Since then, the It Works Wrap has become a global phenomenon, and Pam Sowder now travels all over the world to meet with distributors, give hands-on training and support, and share the It Works Wrap.
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The It Works! premium supplements line began when Mark made a routine visit to his doctor several years ago. On this visit, Mark’s doctor instructed him to start taking a daily multi-vitamin supplement. But when Mark asked his doctor which one he should take, he was taken aback by the physician’s response: “I don’t know, but I wouldn’t take a cheap one. You only live once!”

“I didn’t know what to do with that,” recalls Mark. “You want to know that you’re putting the very best things in your body, so I began the long and hard search for the best multi-vitamin on the market.”

Eventually, Mark’s search brought him to meet Don VerHulst, MD, a doctor with an extensive background in researching the effects of nutrition and natural remedies on today’s common health issues. Mark and Dr. Don worked together to kick of the It Works! premium dietary supplements line with It’s Vital, an advanced formula multi-vitamin, mineral, and enzyme supplement with all the known nutrients the body needs on a daily basis.

Today, the It Works supplements line is a comprehensive collection of nutritional solutions for real people like you to help you combat the elements and stay healthy, and Dr. Don travels around the world with Director of Marketing Pam Sowder to teach on the benefits of the It Works! supplements and spread his message of ten easy steps to better health.

What Makes It Works Global A Profitable Opportunity?

It Works Global is radically transforming the health and wellness industry by being the first company to successfully introduce the body contouring treatment to the world. It Works Global is creating a true paradigm shift from the current “cosmetic surgery” industry, and bringing the power back to the individuals.

Never before in history has a network marketing company had this much potential to revolutionize an entire industry. We will finally be able to support our bodies in the most precise and effective way possible.

In addition to a revolutionary product, It Works has an amazing corporate team. CEO Mark and Cindy Pentecost have the biggest heart and the highest integrity. Mark is a visionary and inspiring leader. Chief Networking Officer and co-founder Pam Sowder was named one of the Most Influential Women in Direct Sales, CSO Mike Potillo, Dr. Don Verhulst and the formulator Luis Mijares are just a few of the great names behind this revolutionary company.