About Us

Beth and Helena are Independent Distributors with It Works and we work independently as well as together as a team.

Beth PrattĀ has been in the fitness and health industry as a nutrition coach, exercise therapist/personal trainer for over 25years and has seen many supplement companies come and go. It wasn’t until she came across this “Crazy Wrap” in 2011 that she saw her colleagues and clients get excited about a product.

Beth started her It Works journey in 2011 and has helped more people get healthy physically, mentally and financially than ever before.

“This Crazy Wrap gets people excited, they see instant results and want to know how they can continue to improve their health, this is the gateway to getting people to discover Greens, superfoods and healthy living, I love it!” says, Beth”

Helena is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing since 2011.. She uses the It Works body contouring applicator in her practice and her clients love the results.