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Discover How You Can Tighten, Tone, Firm Your Body,  And See Instant Results In Less Than 45 Minutes

It Works ultimate body applicator is a Body Wrap that Works!  You get a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula, designed to tighten and tone the troubled areas on your body you want to target. Once applied, you only have to wait 45 minutes to see results.   You really can wrap any area on your body and see it work instantly.   Most wrap their stomach, legs, butt, arms, chin, and face.

it works wraps

it works wrap


You get 4 It Works Applicators

The it works wrap comes ready to go in a pre packaged box of 4.  The ultimate body applicator is 21 inches long and 11 inches wide at the widest point.

There is no need to worry about messy application of creams or any other lotions because it’s ready to go.  Just pick the area you want to target, put the wrap on the troubled area, then smooth out the it works applicator.  You can use saran wrap to help hold the wrap tight.   This helps the wrap to stay in place while you wait 45 minutes.

"I would like to let everyone know what "It Works" has done for me.... before I started my blood sugars were over 700, within 30days they were under 200. Not to mention, I lost 25lbs!!! I think, I can say.... IT SAVED MY LIFE!!! Thank you=), WOW, it is amazing what good nutrition can do for the body!"

Becky, October 31, 2012, New York, NY


The company recommends you drink lots of water while you have the it works warp on to get the best results, and then for additional 3 days after. The product will continue to work on your body for an additional 72 hours.

It takes less than an hour to tighten and tone with the it works body wrap

This is how you get your hands on the ultimate body applicator

  •  $99 for a box of 4 ultimate applicators
  •  Get the same box of 4 applicators at a wholesale price of $59 with the Loyal Customer Program

it works wraps

Here is what you get in the it works wrap box

Inside the box will be 4 individually wrapped applicators and ready for you to use on your body.

it works

The body applicators are folded just the right angles to let you open it up without any hassles or messiness. You just open the wrap and place it on your troubles areas

Once you have it on your targeted area you can add more security by keeping it snug using saran wrap.

It’s best to lay down or sit in a comfortable chair. Never should you be moving around or working out when you have the applicator on. This is the time for you to relax and let the applicator do its work.

it works


Results others are getting from the It Works applicator

Click here for more Before and After Photos

it works

it works

it works

it works wraps


138 thoughts on “Body Wrap

    1. Shelli Williams

      Marcelle, you can only use each wrap once…but they continue to work for up to 72 hours after your application. So it’s almost like wearing the wrap for three day. Plus there are 4 in a box. That is almost a month worth of results!

  1. Rachel

    Do you have to follow any certain type of diet while doing these wrap? and can you still eat and drink within the 3 days?

    1. Shelli Williams

      A whole food diet (free of GMOs and highly processed items) is best, but not required. The wraps help to detox the fat cells which help them to shrink. Once they shrink you don’t want to put the toxins right back :) It is also essential that you consume plenty of water to help flush those toxins out of your body.

  2. Amy Rulifson

    I used one wrap. I understand it does not work miracles. I followed all instructions given to me. The advisor said maybe I have something medically wrong that is hindering the process, so I went to my doctor, and I do not have diabetes, thyroid problems or any other thing wrong with me. I am not obese, just a mother of two that ha some stretched out skin. I drank the right amount of water. I also slept in the first wrap. I had not even a small difference in measurements. My diet is right on for the weight I would like to maintain. I’m a little skeptical. Any ideas?

    1. Brittney

      Ashley Sinclair is an Ambassador Diamond with It works Global which is one of the high ranks for the company. When she first started she didn’t even think it was working she used her first wrap she was expecting big results but didn’t get any, after the second wrap same thing, third wrap not much either, but she said somewhere between wrap 4 and 6 she had incredible results, so dont give up remember the more you use the product the better it works. There are also alot of different products to enhance the wrap results.

    2. Shelli Williams

      Hi Amy,

      First I am glad to hear you are in good health. So many folks turn to this product because there body’s are in turmoil. To answer your question, there are many factors that may not have allowed you to see results on your first wrap. Bear in mind a full treatment is 4 wraps. I’ve had folks who don’t lose inches but see results in the slackening of the skin…the tape measure will not show that. Did you take before and after pics?

      Although your diet may be in the right calorie range for your BMI, the quality of the food you eat may have something to do with it. Also, I found that people who have a lot of stress (either recognized or unrecognized) don’t see results right away. When you say that you drank the right amount of water…what was the exact amount over the 72 hour period? It should be half your body weight in fluid ounces. This is true for folks even if they aren’t wrapping. I wouldn’t give up just yet. Finish the full treatment, get at LEAST 8 hours of quality rest, keep that water coming, and go organic and non-GMO as much as possible.

      Good luck, Dear!

    3. Kathy

      Did you ever get an answer…I am considering using this but I cannot really afford to lose money on a product that does not work. I am looking to sell something that works.

    4. Cynthia Frias

      Some clients do not see results with one wrap, some need more than one or even 1 entire box. It just depends on how ones body wants to take in the ingredients, some bodies react faster than others, therefore giving different results. If you just keep with it, and give it a chance, you can get results. One full treatment is 4 wraps used on one area of the body.

  3. Marie

    I had a c-section 6 weeks ago and am also nursing. Is now a good time for me to try the wrap or should I wait until I am not longer nursing?


    I’m confused on how to use these wraps…do I only use it once a week?, because even if you count it out 4 wraps isn’t enough for a whole month.

  5. Debbie

    It has been 24 hours since I did my second wrap.I have lost 3 inches and I’m hooked!! My question is will you have better results if you leave the wrap on longer than the 45 minutes?

    1. Tyler Pratt Post author

      Give it a try. My first time wrapping I left it on all night.
      Everyone is different, let us know how it goes.

  6. Jessica

    I want to try the wraps but I don’t know how often should I use them. How often would you recommend using them???

  7. chrissy

    I plan on wrapping my legs..from on top of my knees to my inner n outer thigh plus under my how would I do that? Do I wrap each area individually and how many boxes do I need? Thnx

  8. tanya bell

    Can I use the wrap if I have uterine cancer. I have completed my chemo treatment as well as my radiation treatments.

  9. Winnie

    I am considering using this product. Just want to know is this one of those products where when you stop using it everything comes back?

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